Market Update

What’s happening in the national and local real estate markets?

I hear this often…in fact, almost daily.  The answer, simply put, is it’s complicated.   
In order to understand what’s happening in the Bozeman real estate market, and nationally, I do a lot of reading. Things like housing supply, housing starts, interest rates, employment trends, and even the mid-term elections can affect the real estate market in the short term.  And while there seemed to be a brief slow down in the Bozeman housing market, it now seems things have picked back up since the elections. I know this to be true:  Even if prices have come down a bit, rising interest rates will eat at those savings in real estate in Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley.

No one has a crystal ball, so the best we can do is educate ourselves on the national, and Bozeman, real estate ongoings.  I have attached some articles you might find interesting if you are thinking of making a move. If you would like specific stats on your neighborhood or sub-category in Bozeman real estate, shoot me an email and we will send stats and info your way.



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